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'Paintings you probably haven't seen' Education kit

The artworks in this Education Kit were selected to introduce you to some of Ken Done’s paintings and artworks from the exhibition Paintings you probably haven't seen. This kit from Casula Powerhouse aims to give your students insight into some of the stories found in these artworks. 


Education Live: Ken Done art lesson

Join Ken for a virtual art lesson from his home studio thanks to NSW EDUCATION LIVE.


Primary – stage 2 & 3 (years 3-6)

This worksheet is intended for stage 2 and 3 students. It's aim is for students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding when creating artworks. Students are able to engage with the concepts of artists, artworks, the audience and the world when making judgements on a selection of Ken Done’s work.

High – stage 4 (years 7 & 8)

This worksheet is intended for stage 4 Visual Art students. It allows students to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures.

Students are able to understand an artwork from the structural frame and apply different points of view to interpret and explain a selection of Ken Done’s work.

Senior – stage 5 & 6 (years 9 – 11)

This worksheet is intended for stage 5 and 6 Visual Art students. It can be used as short answer or essay questions.

The questions allow students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to critically interpret art informed by their understanding of practice, the conceptual framework and the frames.

Colouring with Ken

If you want to get artistic but aren't sure where to start, perhaps some mindful colouring might do the trick? Here's a very special work by Ken - one that you can colour in yourself. We'd love to see the results, share them with us on Instagram or Facebook.