Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Sydney jade sea

Sydney jade sea, 2019

Dust storm

Dust storm, 2020

Coffee and fruit in the garden

Coffee and fruit in the garden, 1999


Pond, 2013

Back garden waterfall

Back garden waterfall, 2020

Yellow kayak

Yellow kayak, 2020

Bougainvillea back yard

Bougainvillea back yard, 2020

Bure 3 Toberua Fiji

Bure 3 Toberua Fiji, 1994


Outback, 2018

Gold crown reef

Gold crown reef, 2019


Backyard, 2020

Black lava reef

Black lava reef, 2020

Hot pink Opera House

Hot pink Opera House, 1996

Lilac reef

Lilac reef, 2019


Mask, 2019

Mauve sea and orange trees

Mauve sea and orange trees, 2010

Pears and morning glories

Pears and morning glories, 1999

Sudden storm

Sudden storm, 2020

Mask I

Mask I, 2019

flowers and tangerines

flowers and tangerines, 1999

Hot December

Hot December, 2019

Flowers from Dr Hara

Flowers from Dr Hara, 1992

Reading in the gazebo

Reading in the gazebo, 2012

Hot hot day January

Hot hot day January, 2019

Pink magnolia garden

Pink magnolia garden, 2018

Spotted sea and magnolia

Spotted sea and magnolia, 2010