Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Playing on the reef

Playing on the reef, 2020

Magenta coral

Magenta coral, 2014/15

Pale emerald reef

Pale emerald reef, 2020

The garden in May

The garden in May, 2020

Bearded iris in a glass

Bearded iris in a glass, 1999

Wet morning walk

Wet morning walk, 2017

Blue trumpet coral

Blue trumpet coral, 2020

Wisteria reef

Wisteria reef, 2020

Ultramarine coral

Ultramarine coral, 2020

Purple clam reef

Purple clam reef, 2018

Four nudes

Four nudes, 2019

Hot day on the harbour

Hot day on the harbour, 2019

No 7

No 7, 2020


Agapantha, 2007

Mary's garden, late afternoon Sept 3

Mary's garden, late afternoon Sept 3, 1995


Pond, 2013

Hibiscus and pink sea

Hibiscus and pink sea, 2020

Bougainvillea back yard

Bougainvillea back yard, 2020


Outback, 2018

Gold crown reef

Gold crown reef, 2019

Hot pink Opera House

Hot pink Opera House, 1996


Mask, 2019

Pears and morning glories

Pears and morning glories, 1999

Sudden storm

Sudden storm, 2020

Hot December

Hot December, 2019

Pink magnolia garden

Pink magnolia garden, 2018