Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Wisteria reef

Wisteria reef, 2020

Sydney orange striped sky

Sydney orange striped sky, 2021

Cadmium sea

Cadmium sea, 2021

Heron Island Dive

Heron Island Dive, 2020

Beach IV September

Beach IV September, 1995

Sydney jade sea

Sydney jade sea, 2021

Pink Tuesday

Pink Tuesday, 2021

Hot Australia Day

Hot Australia Day, 2019

Before the storm

Before the storm, 1993


Sunflowers, 2021

Nude and green parrot

Nude and green parrot, 2021

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, 2021

Sydney Olympic torch concept VIII

Sydney Olympic torch concept VIII, 1999

Aquarium 3

Aquarium 3, 1/2021

March coral head

March coral head, 2021

Middle garden 2

Middle garden 2, 11, 2020

Kayaking on Melbourne Cup morning

Kayaking on Melbourne Cup morning, 2007

Sydney Olympic torch concept VII

Sydney Olympic torch concept VII, 1999

Collection medium II

Collection medium II, 2012

Self portrait

Self portrait, 2016

Small mask 4

Small mask 4, 2021

Soft morning

Soft morning, 12/2020

No 7

No 7, 2020

Middle garden 1

Middle garden 1, 11, 2020

Sydney Saturday

Sydney Saturday, 2020

Aquarium II

Aquarium II, 1, 2021

Shallow reef

Shallow reef, 2020

Sunflowers 2

Sunflowers 2, 2021

Pears and morning glories

Pears and morning glories, 1999

Sydney down under

Sydney down under, 2019

Poppies in a diamond vase

Poppies in a diamond vase, 1990

Rowley Shoals 1

Rowley Shoals 1, 2014

Crayon stripe CD rack

Crayon stripe CD rack, 2009


Floating, 2020

From the water

From the water, 1992