Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Middle garden 2

Middle garden 2, 11, 2020

Red Opera

Red Opera, 2000

Morning glory morning

Morning glory morning, 2009

Tiger lily, tiger lady

Tiger lily, tiger lady, 2021

Big reef

Big reef, 2019

Lion fish

Lion fish, 2021

Sydney Harbour lilac opera

Sydney Harbour lilac opera, 2021

Postcard from Chinamans, blue frangipani

Postcard from Chinamans, blue frangipani, 2021

Beach triptych

Beach triptych, 1986

Sydney Harbour pink opera

Sydney Harbour pink opera, 2021

Ultramarine dive

Ultramarine dive, 2021

March coral head

March coral head, 2021

Postcard from Sydney

Postcard from Sydney, 12,2014

Orange palm

Orange palm, 2021

Nude pink border

Nude pink border, 2021

Pink morning

Pink morning, 2021

Sydney orange striped sky

Sydney orange striped sky, 2021

Sydney jade sea

Sydney jade sea, 2021

Pink Tuesday

Pink Tuesday, 2021

A nice view I

A nice view I, 2021

Before the storm

Before the storm, 1993

Still life with green cup

Still life with green cup, 2002

Sydney Olympic torch concept VII

Sydney Olympic torch concept VII, 1999

Studio view palms + parrots

Studio view palms + parrots, 2021

Pink coral head

Pink coral head, 2019

Pears and morning glories

Pears and morning glories, 1999

Crayon stripe CD rack

Crayon stripe CD rack, 2009