Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

Kayaking on Melbourne Cup morning

Kayaking on Melbourne Cup morning, 2007


Mask, 2019

Fairy floss reef

Fairy floss reef, 2020

From the water

From the water, 1992

Sydney Harbour mauve sea

Sydney Harbour mauve sea, 2021

Back garden, yellow monsterio

Back garden, yellow monsterio, 2021

Collection medium II

Collection medium II, 2012

Self portrait

Self portrait, 2016

Postcard from god

Postcard from god, 1975

Downstairs in the cabin

Downstairs in the cabin, 1984


Model, 2019

Big mask reef

Big mask reef, 2019

Aquarium 3

Aquarium 3, 1, 2021

Too bright, too hedonistic I

Too bright, too hedonistic I, 1995

Too bright, too hedonistic II

Too bright, too hedonistic II, 1995

Too bright, too hedonistic III

Too bright, too hedonistic III, 1995

Too bright, too hedonistic IV

Too bright, too hedonistic IV, 1995

Middle garden III

Middle garden III, 11, 2020

Back garden, yellow frangipani

Back garden, yellow frangipani, 2021

No 7

No 7, 2020

Middle garden IV

Middle garden IV, 11, 2020

Sydney Saturday

Sydney Saturday, 2020

Spotted mask IV

Spotted mask IV, 2020

Aquarium II

Aquarium II, 1, 2021

November morning

November morning, 2020

Hot day on the harbour

Hot day on the harbour, 2019

Sydney down under

Sydney down under, 2019

Poppies in a diamond vase

Poppies in a diamond vase, 1990

Beach figures VII

Beach figures VII, 2000

Beach figures VI

Beach figures VI, 2000

Magpies and lorrikeets

Magpies and lorrikeets, 2019

Crayon stripe CD rack

Crayon stripe CD rack, 2009


Floating, 2020

Mask II

Mask II, 2020