Current Exhibition

The Current Exhibition features the selection of works now on display at The Ken Done Gallery in Sydney.

If you are interested in a particular work or would like further information, please contact us at the gallery +61 2 8274 4599, or email [email protected].

Spotted coral Fiji October

Spotted coral Fiji October, 2004

Model in blue pants

Model in blue pants, 2000

Morning glory morning

Morning glory morning, 2009

Wet morning listening to jazz

Wet morning listening to jazz, 2022

Wisteria reef

Wisteria reef, 2021

Outback, 12

Outback, 12, 2023

Fish pattern Toberua Island January

Fish pattern Toberua Island January, 2000

Beach and palms

Beach and palms, 2023

Girl in a flower bra

Girl in a flower bra, 2024

Number 9

Number 9, 2022

Yellow vase

Yellow vase, 2024


Spray, 2024

Looking out the kitchen door on a Milton Avery morning

Looking out the kitchen door on a Milton Avery morning, 2007

A surprisingly hot Saturday

A surprisingly hot Saturday, 2018


Model, 2019

Playing on an old magenta coral head

Playing on an old magenta coral head, 2021

Violet nude

Violet nude, 2023

Big vase

Big vase, 12/2023

Yellow vase

Yellow vase, 11/23

Finding a striped vase

Finding a striped vase, 2023

Judy on the sea wall, 3 kayaks

Judy on the sea wall, 3 kayaks, 2000

No 7

No 7, 2020

Heatwave Sydney

Heatwave Sydney, 2023

Ultramarine and lilac coral head

Ultramarine and lilac coral head, 2023

Cadmium tree reef

Cadmium tree reef, 2023