Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection is a selection of works that are owned by The Ken Done Gallery and part of the artist’s personal collection.

In this unique interactive gallery, you may view selected works in detail, and both hear and read the artist's statement.


Me, 2011

Portrait after prostate cancer

Portrait after prostate cancer, 2011

Postcard from God

Postcard from God, 1976

Helmet shell

Helmet shell, 1979


Sydney, 1980

Yellow bird

Yellow bird, 1984

Trying to paint on a Monday

Trying to paint on a Monday, 1982

Downstairs at the Cabin

Downstairs at the Cabin, 1984


Sunday, 1982

Sydney night

Sydney night, 1984

Model in a painted frame

Model in a painted frame, 1989

The visit of an important man from Japan

The visit of an important man from Japan, 1991

Butterfly dreams

Butterfly dreams, 1991

Walking the dog

Walking the dog, 1991

Emily and Michael's place I

Emily and Michael's place I, 1995

Daffodil night

Daffodil night, 1997

Night bridge and Opera House

Night bridge and Opera House, 2004