Stockroom Selection

The Stockroom Selection is a collection of works held by The Ken Done Gallery, and currently available for sale.

If you are interested in a particular work or would like further information, please contact us at the gallery +61 2 8274 4599, or email [email protected].

Magenta coral (reworked)

Magenta coral (reworked), 2014-15

Model in the back yard

Model in the back yard, 1999

Studio, pink beach

Studio, pink beach, 2022

Balmoral I

Balmoral I, 2015


Paddleboard, 2013

Garden by the sea V

Garden by the sea V, 2015

Playing with new paint

Playing with new paint, 2014

Little hot beach

Little hot beach, 2023

Model and flowers II

Model and flowers II, 1998

Number 9

Number 9, 2023

Just looking at some nice colours

Just looking at some nice colours, 2020

Chinamans late light

Chinamans late light, 2012

Mauve sea and orange trees

Mauve sea and orange trees, 2010


Outback, 2023

Tuesday reef

Tuesday reef, 2023

Nude and ultramarine cloud

Nude and ultramarine cloud, 2023

Small narrow beach

Small narrow beach, 2011

Beach garden

Beach garden, 2013

Model with pink flower

Model with pink flower, 2005

Thursday race

Thursday race, 2019

Cadmium orange studio

Cadmium orange studio, 2012

Studio still life orange vase

Studio still life orange vase, 2022

Cadmium fish reef

Cadmium fish reef, 2022

Nine views of Chinamans Beach

Nine views of Chinamans Beach, 2007

New paint

New paint, 2022

Spotted sea and magnolia

Spotted sea and magnolia, 2010

Middle garden 2

Middle garden 2, 11, 2020

Taeo No 10 Rangiroa

Taeo No 10 Rangiroa, 1981